Pilgrimage of the Servant of God Ezekiel Ramin


This year it will not be possible to celebrate the pilgrimage of Fr. Ezequiel as we always do in Cacoal/RO and Rondolância/MT, with many people because of the COVID 19.

The COVID at the same time calls us to prudence and solidarity, especially with the most threatened territories, with our beloved Amazonia, the Indigenous Peoples and the native populations. Therefore, we will celebrate this pilgrimage in a different way, involving many more people throughout Brazil.

Throughout the days we will have a programme with various activities that will be transmitted live, always at 8 p.m. (from Brasilia) and through the Comboni-Brazil YouTube channel. There will also be daily videos with testimonies in memory of Fr Ezequiel.

We are together in this pilgrimage of Fr. Ezequiel which will extend throughout Brazil. Let us walk in defence of life! In defence of the Amazon!